Bruce Ruggles

founder & managing director

Bruce established SFP in 2004 having spent time working in new build developments and financial markets. With a degree in Architecture, planning and construction from University College London and NVQ Level 3 in Occupational Work Supervision (Construction), Bruce is well qualified. In running the company, he has maintained a principle that he has stuck to religiously- always treat the clients money as if it were your own. Bruce has great attention to detail which, in his own words, ‘drives him mad’ but keeps standards high. He can run your project from design to completion, whether you are putting in a new kitchen or building a new house.

Bruce is currently leading the company into a new era of property development. It`s exciting times at SFP!


Darren Ludlow

Site manager

Darren joined the Company in 2006 bringing with him extensive design experience. NVQ level 2 qualified in Construction Operations Management Darren has a real grasp on running projects, be it decorating a room or building an extension. He focuses on keeping projects on track, to time and in budget, with effective purchasing and planning.


Zhivko Yordanov

Assistant Site Manager

NVQ – Level 2 Fitted interiors


Danny Draganov

NVQ – Level 2 Fitted interiors


Rosen Emilov

NVQ – Level 2 Fitted interiors


Biser Emilov

NVQ – Level 2 Fitted interiors


Charlie Saywood


Jif Zhelyazkov



Martin Ivanov


Zbigniew Kaleta


Waclaw Bierowiec


Lewis Jackson


Braydon Darby


Grzegorz Gron